Sunday, May 06, 2012

Project-based learning

Just a short post, to note this nice article on project based learning for K-12.

Suzie Boss writes:

For a closer look at what this looks like, consider just a few examples of the learning experiences that happen more frequently in PBL classrooms:
  • Students compare information from different sources before completing an assignment
  • Students draw their own conclusions based on analysis of numbers, facts, or relevant information
  • Students try to solve complex problems or answer questions that have no single correct solution
  • Students give feedback to peers or assess other students' work
  • Students convey their ideas using media other than a written paper (such as posters, blogs, or videos)
  • Students answer questions in front of an audience
  • Students generate their own ideas about how to confront a problem
These indicators paint a picture of students who are able to think on their feet, contribute to a team effort, and work creatively when they confront new challenges.

Having just concluded my own project-based course this semester (albeit for masters students in engineering), I can strongly attest to the powerful learning that can take place in such an environment.